Never Mind What They Say about the Economy; Opportunity is Knocking for Entrepreneurs

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October 19, 2010. Even when capital investment is at an all time low, entrepreneurs with fresh ideas can still get financial backing. Angel investment group Vydrogen has launched their first elevator pitch challenge and the winner will take $2500 to the bank. Other successful entrants will gain access to Vydrogens Angel Investment Network, saving them anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars that’s normally charged just to get in front of investment groups.

Elevator Pitch Challenge is based on the old adage about a business idea that gets pitched to an executive quickly and concisely- in the time it takes to ride an elevator to the top floor. Vydrogen is looking for a winning 90 second elevator pitch that doesn’t overwhelm with details, but cuts to the chase about a big idea.

Vydrogen founder Jack Martin has big hopes for the Elevator Pitch Challenge. Martin says the Elevator Pitch Challenge isn’t just about finding a winner and giving away $2500. “My hope is that through Elevator Pitch Challenge, people will learn more about Vydrogen and come to us for help getting their new business ideas off the ground. When Vydrogen is a go-to investment group for entrepreneurs not just here in Colorado, but across the U.S., I’ll know we’ve succeeded in our mission at Vydrogen.”

Elevator Pitch Challenge is open for public entry. Entrants can submit their video pitch at now through December 31, 2010. The Elevator Pitch Challenge will be judged by Vydrogen founder Jack Martin, Ben Lee M.D., Nick Casares, Greg Tanner and Ted Menadier.

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